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Outdoor Water Filters

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About Outdoor Water Filters
If you are enthusiastic about hiking, excursions, camping, and more, you must have come across, at least one time or two, the dilemma of lacking water that’s pure enough to drink. When the water supplies from staging posts are no more available, some of you might turn your head to get water from natural sources such as lakes, streams, rivers, springs, etc. If you want the water to be harmless to your body, check out our outdoor water filtration systems which are designed to carry outdoors and remove the harmful contaminants in water instantly.

Our Hiking Gravity Water Purifier Kit features an antibacterial activated carbon filter and a 0.01 Microns hollow fibre UF membrane inline filter, able to remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.99% of cysts, as well as other contaminants such as heavy metals and dust, offering you safe direct-drinking water without using chemicals. To make sure not to burden your load during hiking, our camping water filtration systems are specially designed to be lightweight, handy and portable. Constructed from premium metal materials, they are strong enough to survive any ups and downs for a prolonged time.

If you travel with friends or families, we offer options with larger volumes and variant types as needed. The filtration units are easy to use anywhere. Take our Hiking Gravity Water Purifier Kit as an example: simply put one hose into the water source and the other hose into a bottle to collect purified water, then start to pump. The natural water will be purified quickly. To ensure high-quality of drinking water, always choose comparably clean natural water sources.

Seek more information at our online store We guarantee that you will not only find the best water filtration system for your outdoor activities but also for your household life. Keep hydrated and stay safe with our water filtration equipment.
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