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Camping & Hiking Water Filters

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About Camping & Hiking Water Filters
As is known that you are not able to survive in the wilderness without food and water. Even if a lake or river is nearby, the water sources in nature contain bacteria, viruses or other contaminants which will harm your body and digestive system. Instead of making unpleased outdoor trips, prepare a backpacking water filter with you. At, we provide a wide variety of camping water filters for all backpacking or hiking uses, which are roughly divided into gravity fed water filter systems, camping and hiking water filters and water filter straw.
With an ABS housing and a highly versatile design, the 2000L gravity fed water filter system is able to filter more natural water up to 2000 liters with a flow rate of 600ml/min. Utilizing 0.1-micron ultrafiltration membrane as filter media, this backpacking water filter can remove almost all bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, cysts and viruses. Moreover, a silicone gasket is set around mouthpiece, a handy bottle can be covered on the gasket for back flushing without leakage. This portable water filter is an excellent appliance for outdoor enthusiasts on camping, fishing, scouting or keeping in the car for emergencies.
There are two top water purifier pumps on sale and both have some common features. One portable water purifier adopts activated carbon replaceable filter and 4-stage filtration technology, allowing to flow 1.4L/min and deliver up to 3000L clear drinkable water without using any chemicals, which ideal for a larger group of people backpacking. This hiking water filter is best independently tested filtration level on the market, and capable of eliminating virus, parasites, chemicals, most heavy metals, and taste. While the other outdoor water filter is designed with strong and sturdy metal structure. Utilizing high-precision and ultra-low pressure UF membranes, the water pump filter flows 600ML/min and also delivers up to 3000L drinking water. Besides, the filter also uses an active carbon core to get rid of any bad odor or taste, and to remove chemicals.
Shop carefully and you will find a very affordable backpacking water filter here that meets your needs and offer a fresh supply of clean drinking water whether you are going on trail running or long expeditions.
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